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About Us

Nelly Darbois, PT, MSc

Founder, Editor

nelly darbois kiné et rédactrice santé

Originally trained as a physiotherapist, I am now a freelance writer and consultant. I enjoy providing clear and well-researched answers to internet users’ questions. This inspired me to create this website, which is now visited by over 8,000 people daily. I also hand over the keyboard to individuals I meet along the way who, like me, have a passion for conveying useful and well-sourced information in writing!

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Albin Guillaud, DPT, DrPH


albin guillaud kinésithérapeute, docteur en santé publique

As a French Physical therapist and Doctor in Public Health, I am committed to using my skills and expertise to serve as many people as possible. The only issue was that I lacked a bit of motivation, but fortunately, Nelly was there to help me overcome it! Managing pain, whether it’s temporary or chronic, is one of my favorite topics to address.

🏛️ Our Values


Start with the questions people genuinely ask and answer them in a straightforward manner.


Take the time to verify the quality and relevance of the information provided.


Provide our sources of information and any potential financial interests related to the topics discussed.


Fully committed to respecting each individual’s healthcare choices.

Our main goal is to answer internet users’ questions in the most educational, reliable, and well-documented manner, so that they can make use of this information as they see fit!

⭐ Our Positioning

Here are the 4 criteria we consider when making recommendations, whether in the field of health or beyond!

☑️ Maximum effectiveness (theoretical / empirical)
☑️ Minimum adverse effects
☑️ Minimum cost (in terms of time, energy, money)
☑️ Minimum dependence on a third party or equipment

💶 How is this website funded?

Hosting, development, writing, research, graphic design, video production, and editing are funded through:

This funding model enables us to make the content of all articles accessible to everyone.

🕊️ Is Fonto Media an independent media?

It depends on what you mean by “independent,” but I would tend to answer no, and it’s intentional!

Most of people who write or contribute here have a vested interest in the subjects they address (in fact, that’s generally why they have expertise in the subject!). These interests could be financial, ideological, etc. When the interest is financial and direct, it is always mentioned in the article’s introduction under a section titled “Disclaimer.”

Furthermore, we usually take a stance and express our opinion on the subjects we discuss (when applicable), while carefully justifying our reasoning and allowing room for contradictory opinions to be expressed in the comments!

📤 Do you want to distribute or use content found here?

Absolutely! Just one condition: cite its source by providing a clickable link to the page where you found it. All the content authored by me (Nelly) on my site is under a free license (CC-BY-SA for the purists 😉).

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