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Let me share a bit more about myself, Nelly Darbois, the founder, editor, and writer of this website (formerly kinedarbois.fr, now Fonto Media)!

🎯 Why did I want to create this website?

I launched this website in 2019 to address questions from my patients as a physiotherapist. These questions often required me to consult scientific publications or regulatory texts. I wanted to make this knowledge accessible to a wider audience, aiming to enhance the quality of information available on the internet.

As I progressed in my professional journey, I started writing about other subjects in which I gained knowledge and experience: the healthcare system, working as an independent professional, and communication.

Photo de Nelly Darbois, kiné & rédactrice SEO/Wikipédia santé et politique
my professionnal background

🏢 Who am I professionally?

I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2012. I subsequently worked as a physiotherapist in various hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and in private practice, in France.

Simultaneously, I’ve always been engaged in other professional and association activities related to research, teaching, consulting, or scientific writing.

Since August 2023, I split my professional time between two activities:

  • Editing and writing articles on Fonto Media (= the website you’re currently on, which I created in 2019 🙂)
  • Providing Wikipedia consulting and writing services for individuals, institutions, associations, or businesses.
🎤 Interviews: I speak in other media
  • Podcast Scepticisme scientifique, where I discuss my thesis in physiotherapy on fasciatherapy. February 2016. Interviewed by Jérémy Royaux.
  • 2018 General Medicine Interns Congress focusing on independence in healthcare. What is critical thinking in healthcare?
  • 2019 Articles & podcasts in Esperanto here
  • Revue Kiné Actualité. Albin Guillaud and Nelly Darbois, physiotherapists and candidates in the legislative elections. June 2022. Interviewed by Sophie Conrard.
  • Collaboration Cochrane. . Interview as a collaborator of this international association, which works to help people make well-informed decisions in healthcare by preparing, maintaining, and ensuring accessibility to systematic reviews on the effects of health interventions. Spring 2022.
  • Laboratoire Sensilia. Interview on why I started writing articles about CBD. March 2023. By Pauline Durepaire.
  • Interview for the “Big Data” media on my experience with SEO, April 2023.
  • Interview for the podcast KineMania, May 2023
  • Interview about my blogging activity, May 2023.
🎓My experiences, degrees, and teaching and research activities

For those who value degrees and past experiences, particularly in the academic world.

I have co-authored several articles published in international scientific journals.

Lastly, I engage in voluntary activities in teaching and research.

  • I review articles every month for the journal Prescrire, an independent medical journal free from government and industry influence. More sporadically for the journals Kinésithérapie la revue and Developmental Neurorehabilitation.
  • I participate in selecting and evaluating studies for the synthesis of scientific literature through the non-profit International Cochrane Association, via the Cochrane citizen scientist.
  • External supervisor for research theses of physiotherapy students or other health-related fields.
  • I create and improve articles on Wikipedia related to health topics.
🏥 My previous professional experiences as a physiotherapist
👩 Who am I personally?

I’m 33 years old (in 2023). I live in Savoie, in the French Alps, a region I adore.

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, walking and running, reading, eating, and getting involved in causes I consider fair and important. Mainly for enhanced citizen control of our institutions through direct democracy.

photo du lac d'aiguebelette en savoie

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