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I make my skills and knowledge available for Wikipedia consulting and writing services as presented on this page.

My Experiences

Graduated with a Master’s degree in Health Pedagogy and Communication (2018), I have been engaged in independent consulting and writing activities since 2012, alongside my work as a physical therapist.

Through this journey, I have developed expertise in digital and scientific communication, which I now primarily channel towards assisting businesses, associations, institutions, and individuals. To address a specific demand, I have specialized in professional consulting and editing on Wikipedia.

Here are a few of the companies I have recently collaborated with on projects related to Wikipedia.

wikipedia consulting

Wikipedia Page Creation and Editing

Looking to enhance your online presence, authority, or e-reputation? Do you want to create a Wikipedia page about yourself, your company, or a specific topic? Or do you need to modify an existing page?

As a Wikipedia contributor since 2012, I offer my knowledge of the encyclopedia and its workings. I adhere strictly to the policies and guidelines defined on Wikipedia and its underlying principles, all in the interest of everyone involved.

My Credentials

Examples of fully written pages:

  • NAOS (cosmetic laboratory)
  • Judith Rich Harris (intellectual)
  • TK Elevator (elevator manufacturer)

What I Offer

  • Page creation
  • Editing existing pages (additions, deletions, rewording)
  • Translation between English <-> French or other languages
  • Strategic advice
  • Monitoring

How a Wikipedia Collaboration Works

1️⃣ You explain your needs to me via email:

  • Page creation?
  • Editing an existing page (additions or deletions)?
  • Translation?
  • Strategic advice?

2️⃣ I propose a service that addresses your needs and send you a quote.

3️⃣ If you approve the quote, the collaboration begins.

All my page creation services include a mandatory reputation audit, billed at $550 (USD; VAT included). I explain here (coming soon in English) why this audit is crucial, for your benefit as well as for the benefit of the encyclopedia.

If the audit determines that your current notoriety is insufficient, you will know how to better focus your press relations in order to eventually qualify for inclusion on Wikipedia. You can directly order your personalized audit here (coming soon in English).

Rates & Timelines

For more transparency, you will find my rates outlined below.

ServiceRate (All taxes included)Timelines
Reputation Audit$55048 hours
Page Creation, Publication, 1-month MonitoringBetween $1,600 and $4,5007 days
Price determined based on audit results
Editing an Existing Page, Publication, 1-month MonitoringStarting at $9007 days
Page Translation, Publication, 1-month MonitoringStarting at $9007 days

Access my freely available articles (coming soon in English):

📕 Créer une page Wikipédia pour son entreprise

📕 Créer la page wikipédia d’une personne

📕 Créer la page wikipédia d’un(e) artiste


I don’t need an audit; I’m pretty sure I meet the criteria to be on Wikipedia.

I understand your confidence in your notability, which you have undoubtedly worked hard for. However, Wikipedia has very specific criteria that must be strictly adhered to in order to prevent the page from being deleted in the short or long term. The audit, which is essential for any collaboration with me, serves two purposes: 1) maximizing the chances of the page not being deleted if the audit is favorable, and 2) precisely identifying what is lacking in terms of media coverage and press relations work to have a better chance of inclusion in case of an unfavorable audit.

My Wikipedia page was deleted, put in draft, or rejected. Can you do anything about it?

A precise audit of the situation will provide more insight into the exact causes and circumstances of this rejection, along with possible alternatives. A deleted page must go through a specific process: a request for page restoration. This underscores the importance of doing things properly from the start! I don’t have superpowers; in fact, no individual has significant power on Wikipedia (even an admin). That’s what makes it unique! However, I do guarantee to provide you with an accurate assessment of the situation and potential short- or long-term solutions.

Is it legal for individuals, political figures, artists, or companies to create a Wikipedia page about themselves or to hire a paid service provider? Is it a good idea?

From a legal standpoint, it is permissible under French law and the collectively defined rules of Wikipedia, but it’s generally discouraged. The rules demand transparency and a codified approach. Creating one’s own page (or that of an employer or client) is often viewed negatively by some individuals in the community. Others (including myself) believe that this situation is often unavoidable in various fields such as entrepreneurship, culture, academia, politics, or associations. My perspective is not to demonize these practices but rather to find mutually beneficial solutions.

I don’t have a budget for this.

In that case, you can self-educate and contribute to Wikipedia! It’s 100% free, which is actually the foundational principle of the encyclopedia! There are numerous freely accessible resources on this subject on Wikipedia (here) or on my website (as mentioned below). Sometimes, there are free workshops in libraries or universities. You can also join collaborative workshops on Wikipedia, ask questions, and engage directly with other contributors on Wikipedia through the “Help desk” or “The Village Pump,” etc.

In the case of a favorable audit, how can you guarantee that the page will be published and remain online?

Absolutely no 100% guarantees, just like anything on Wikipedia! There’s always a risk of deletion or modification. The reputation audit I conduct is meant to mitigate this risk, and since implementing the audit, 100% of the pages I’ve created have remained online (see here: FR: ; EN: However, this doesn’t mean there will never be hiccups, given Wikipedia’s collaborative nature. On the other hand, the page will be published, without validation from anyone, via my account. The risk lies in deletion or initiating a notability discussion (to collectively decide its retention), but the page is published directly through my account.

Which Wikipedia account do you use for making edits?

My Wikipedia account goes by the username NDrbs, here: FR – EN. Wikimedia requires contributors who engage in paid work to disclose all accounts used for edits, for transparency purposes. I solely use this account for all my professional and personal contributions since 2012. I’m not an employee of Wikipedia/Wikimedia; I’m simply a contributor.

Since anyone can edit Wikipedia, what extra value do you bring?

Approximately 16,000 French speakers contribute to Wikipedia each month (source), even though the number of French speakers is estimated at 321 million. While theoretically anyone can edit Wikipedia, in practice, only a minority (less than 0.005% of people) do so. In my view, the reasons behind this include:

  • Lack of time or interest
  • Difficulty in understanding how it works
  • Fear of criticism and reactions from more experienced Wikipedians

So, I intervene for those who prefer not to navigate Wikipedia, for various reasons. However, if you wish to become a contributor, I wish you all the best in that endeavor!

Why Me?

I absolutely do not aim to convince you to work with me at all costs! In fact, I believe that there are many people who would have no interest in collaborating with me 🙂

Here are 5 points that characterize me, and I hope they will help you better understand whether what I offer and my way of working align with your expectations.

1️⃣ Transparency. I believe that in the long run, transparency always pays off. Confidentiality remains compatible with transparency!

2️⃣ Rigor. I strive to convey the most accurate information possible and distinguish between opinions and facts. I spend time verifying the reliability of the information I communicate.

3️⃣ Efficiency. I haven’t created an agency and intentionally remain a freelance provider. I communicate and collaborate directly with you, getting to the point without intermediaries, for maximum efficiency.

4️⃣ Hyper-specialization. As a service provider, I exclusively focus on Wikipedia consulting and writing. I optimize my processes each time for smoother and more beneficial collaborations.

5️⃣ Effective altruism. I donate 10% of my net income after taxes to one of the world’s most effective humanitarian organizations according to the ranking established by GiveWell.

Some Client Feedback

review on wikipedia freelance
Very good understanding of the challenges and the issues, attentive, and adaptable. High level of advice.
wikipedia review
Yes, the audit seems clear, concise, and precise. Excellent work.
wikipedia audit
Thank you, ma’am, for this audit. It’s very clear. This gives us a good indication of what we need to do in terms of press relations in the coming months, and I will not hesitate to reach out to you when we are ready. Thank you.

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