How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company: Guide

how to create a wikipedia page for your company guide

A contributor on Wikipedia for over 11 years, I am often approached by entrepreneurs or communication/marketing executives who wish to create a Wikipedia page for their company.

Or to have their company’s website featured on Wikipedia in an industry-related article.

If you’ve come across this article, you probably share this desire.

You probably want to enhance:

  1. The authority and reputation of your company, brands, or yourself.
  2. Your online reputation (e-reputation).
  3. The organic ranking of your website.

And you’re right in thinking that Wikipedia can be a valuable tool for achieving these goals.

ℹ️ Please read my article “Creating Your Wikipedia Page” if you want to create a page for someone (yourself, your manager, etc.).

Here are some examples of requests you might relate to:

My name is ***, Director of Communication at ***. We would like to create a page about our company and our brands. Currently, there is only a page about our founder ***.

This is an important exercise for our founder, who has wanted to work on the ‘ideal text.’ We now understand that we need to adhere to Wikipedia guidelines.

We are looking for someone to guide us on this mission, someone who has undertaken similar tasks numerous times.

A communication manager for a major French company, not yet present on Wikipedia

As part of our support for a client who has been operating in the *** industry for over 15 years as an agent, author, and journalist, we have presented his background and skills and would like to publish this content by creating a Wikipedia page to enhance his visibility and legitimacy in the sector.

We are looking for a Wikipedia contributor who can handle the configuration and publication of the page

An agency

I am the CEO of ***, a subsidiary of the *** Group. We are looking to promote and enhance the online reputation of our group in France. One of the actions to achieve this is the creation of 2 Wikipedia pages about the group.

I need a person recognized by Wikipedia as an expert editor for this mission.

The CEO of a French company

In this article, I guide you step by step to:

  1. Determine if your company’s notability is sufficient to appear on Wikipedia, based on the criteria defined by this collaborative encyclopedia. This is a fundamental step, often overlooked.

    For instance, the size of the company is not a good criterion to consider. I will provide you with practical advice to assess if your notability is sufficient and how to increase it effectively if necessary to have a chance to appear on Wikipedia soon.
  2. Create a Wikipedia page that aligns with the encyclopedia’s spirit & rules, making it as clear as possible to maximize the chances of it not being deleted or its legitimacy questioned.
  3. Know where to appropriately add your company or yourself on Wikipedia, either alongside or as an alternative to creating a specific page for your company.

I hope this article meets your expectations. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in the comments.

Finally, if you need assistance with the process of creating a Wikipedia page for your company, you can avail of my services.

Happy reading 🙂!

Last update: November 2023
Disclaimer: no Affiliate links. Complete disclosure in legal notices.

Being a company with X employees, having a website, and being mentioned in a local media outlet (or even 200 times in national media) is not sufficient to have a Wikipedia page. Your page would be at risk of being deleted very quickly.

At best, a notice like this might be added:

Admissibility Check Notice for a Wikipedia Page
Notice added to a page that does not sufficiently meet the criteria for admissibility.

This type of notice can harm your company’s image and authority as it questions its legitimacy to be on Wikipedia. You cannot remove this type of notice for several months, and your page may be subject to deletion during this time.

Worse, your company’s website address can be placed on a “blacklist” by Wikipedia contributors. This means that no one can add a link to your company on Wikipedia.

Finally, if your page is deleted, it will be very difficult to have it reinstated in the future, even if your notability has significantly increased. Pages that have been deleted once must go through a different process to be reinstated.

This is why, above all else, you need to verify if your company meets the criteria for inclusion on Wikipedia.

Understanding Wikipedia’s Notability Criteria

Collaboratively created Wikipedia pages define the criteria for inclusion on Wikipedia. There are general criteria, as well as specific criteria for companies (here), individuals, fictional works, associations, and more.

To be featured on Wikipedia, your company or brand must, at a minimum:

  1. Have been featured in the press or other media with national reach on at least two occasions.
  2. These media appearances must be at least two years apart.
  3. They should not be advertorials or press releases.
  4. Your company should not merely be mentioned in the article or media segment; it should be the central subject (this is a subtle distinction).
  5. The article or radio/TV segment should be sufficiently long and developed. For example, an article with fewer than 500 words or a segment lasting only a few seconds is not considered significant.

Therefore, the size of the company, its revenue, or its age are not direct criteria to consider when determining whether it qualifies for inclusion on Wikipedia.

Now let’s see how to find these media mentions.

Competitor’s company on Wikipedia that doesn’t seem to meet these criteria

⚠️ Have you come across a competitor’s company on Wikipedia that doesn’t seem to meet these criteria? This can be explained in various ways:

  1. The page was created a long time ago, at a time when there was less “surveillance” during the publication of a new page.
  2. The page hasn’t been noticed by an experienced contributor yet, but it could be deleted at any time.

The existence of such a page is not an argument to justify your presence on Wikipedia.

Conducting a Notability Audit According to These Criteria

To compile your various media mentions, I recommend using several handy Google tools:

  • Google News (for searching on the websites of major national, international, and local media outlets).
  • Google Books (for searching in books published by publishing houses).
  • Google Scholar (for searching in scientific articles and academic reports).

Visit these websites. Enter the name of your company, your brand, your major products, or even the most well-known personality associated with your company.

Search for the company Alpina Savoie in Google News.
Search for the company Alpina Savoie in Google News.

You should see articles that mention you.

The article date is indicated just below. Be sure to find mentions spaced at least 2 years apart.

Screenshot of a search on Google Scholar.
Perform the same search for the company Alpina Savoie, this time in Google Scholar, to find academic works centered on this company.

If there aren’t enough occurrences, also search through:

  • Google’s general search engine. If there are too many occurrences from certain sites, exclude searches on those sites by typing ‘’. For example, to exclude Doctissimo: ‘’; Youtube/Dailymotion; Researchgate/ORCID (for scientific publications).

Google News is one of the best tools to determine if your company can be featured on Wikipedia.

Attention! Identifying these sources is the first step of the audit and is the easiest part. The real challenge is determining if they are sufficient according to Wikipedia’s criteria!

From experience, we are not good judges when it comes to our own company to assess whether it is eligible or not.

Here’s an example:

This person who contacted me (very friendly, by the way) is certain that their company (in this case, a media outlet) has sufficient notability for Wikipedia. However, none of the information provided by this person guarantees it: having 1 million readers per month and many press mentions are not sufficient criteria! It's necessary to delve much more into the quality of the references and the history of the media's mentions on Wikipedia to get a clearer idea of notability
An example of someone who believes their company has sufficient notability for Wikipedia.

This person who contacted me (very friendly, by the way) is certain that their company (in this case, a media outlet) has sufficient notability for Wikipedia.

However, none of the information provided by this person guarantees it: having 1 million readers per month and many press mentions are not sufficient criteria!

It’s necessary to delve much more into the quality of the references and the history of the media’s mentions on Wikipedia to get a clearer idea of notability.

Improving Your Company’s Notability According to Wikipedia Criteria

Your company doesn’t have at least 2 media mentions published 2 years apart? You know what you need to do: obtain those 2 media mentions.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Contact all local media outlets (regional press, online media, radio, TV) to propose interviews or coverage of your events.
  • Specify an interesting angle that could engage their audience.
  • Follow and interact with journalists on social media who might be interested in your industry.
  • Send targeted press releases to certain local journalists or influencers.
  • Attend major physical events in your industry where journalists will be present and introduce yourself to them.
  • Get better known to the media, especially locally, in hopes of being featured on Wikipedia.
how to create a wikipedia page for my company: guide

How to Properly Create a Wikipedia Page for My Company?

Your company meets the notability criteria for Wikipedia?

You can then start writing the Wikipedia page for your company without fear of it being deleted once published!

Create a Wikipedia’account

I recommend writing directly on Wikipedia. This will save you time by providing direct access to Wikipedia’s specific formatting tools. To do this:

  1. Create an account on Wikipedia (free and quick) or use an existing account.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Go to the top right corner and click on the icon representing a silhouette of a person 👤.
  4. In the dropdown that appears, click on Draft.

This is where you can create your Wikipedia company page according to Wikipedia criteria by clicking on Edit or Edit Source.

Draw Inspiration from Similar High-Quality Wikipedia Pages

What does the ideal Wikipedia page look like? Wikipedia actually highlights certain pages considered “ideal” or, at the very least, of very high quality.

These pages cover a wide range of sectors: scientific, industrial, digital, natural, artistic, and more.

I recommend finding one of these ideal pages that features a company similar to yours or at least within your industry.

You can use it as a template for the structure to follow, the type of illustrative images to include, and the content of the paragraphs.

You can find a list of all featured articles here. For example:

  • William Anderson (RAAF officer);
  • KCPQ (television station).

Create a Compliant Plan

A Wikipedia page is typically divided into three main sections:

  1. Introduction Section: This contains a summary of the article without references. It may also include an infobox summarizing key information.
  2. Developed Content Section: This section is organized into various sections and subsections.
  3. End-of-Page Section: This contains references, external links, bibliography, and category affiliations for the page.

The plan below provides more detailed guidance. Use it as a reference while comparing it to the structure of a featured article.

Ideal Wikipedia Page Structure
Ideal structure for a Wikipedia page, as per Wikipedia’s guidelines (here)

Typically, here’s how I organize the “Developed Content” section for a company page:

  • History: I outline the company’s inception and its various stages of development.
  • Organization and Financial Performance: I provide numerical data about the company’s financial performance, its human resources, etc.
  • Activities: I describe the core activities of the company and the industry it operates in.
  • Brands, Products, or Services: If they are sufficiently well-known, I detail some of the brands, products, or services designed or offered by the company.

Gather as many sources targeting your company as possible

Every fact presented on the page should be supported by a source considered reliable. For instance, you cannot provide figures about your company that are not publicly accessible somewhere.

The same applies to more general information, such as your company’s activities or operations. Each sentence or paragraph should end with a reference.

To find good sources, please refer to the section of the article that explains how to find reliable sources according to Wikipedia about your company (mainly through Google News, Google Scholar, Google Books).

Do not cite your company’s website or your brand’s website as a source. This may be interpreted as self-promotion.

Write a text

Now that you have a template, a plan, and reliable sources, you can draft your company page, section by section. Here are four tips:

  1. I recommend starting with a section rather than the introduction. The introduction is easier to write once you have completed everything else because it is a summary of the most relevant elements of the article.
  2. Remember that every statement, every fact, every piece of data must be supported by a source, and you should mention this source systematically (by clicking on ‘Cite’). While you can occasionally source from documents or reports from the company (provided they are publicly accessible), this should not constitute the majority of your sources. Let’s say a maximum of 5 to 10%.
  3. You cannot copy and paste texts from elsewhere on the web, but rather paraphrase or synthesize.
  4. Keep a neutral, factual tone as much as possible. Avoid superlatives. For example:
    • Say

      ✅ ‘The company operates in 120 countries worldwide’ instead of

      ❌ ‘The company has experienced remarkable growth, to the point where it operates in 120 countries worldwide.’
    • Say

      ✅ ‘According to Le Monde, the company’s research has improved our understanding of the microbiome’ instead of

      ❌ ‘The company’s research has led to significant advancements in our understanding of the microbiome.’
  5. Get to the point. For example, do not list all the products or services offered by your company or every step in your company’s history.

Properly Format the Text

A text on Wikipedia is quite different in its formatting from a blog or journalistic article.

It is said that you should ‘Wikify’ your text, which means formatting it according to Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Here are the key things to keep in mind during this step in creating your company page on Wikipedia:

  1. Only one thing should be in bold: the name of your company, in the introduction of the page.
  2. To create a title or subsection heading, do not use bold or font size tools; instead, select ‘Section heading,’ then ‘Subheading 1, 2, 3,’ etc., for each subsection.
  3. Avoid bullet point lists in the body of the text or the introduction.
  4. Do not use all capital letters.
  5. Citations should not be in italics and should be enclosed in quotation marks like this: ‘and.’
  6. External links (to web pages outside Wikipedia) should only be included in the ‘External links’ section at the end of the article or in references.
  7. Do not forget to add Categories and Portals at the bottom of the page, for example, ‘Business Portal,’ ‘Category: Companies based in Paris,’ etc. Use templates for this or copy-paste from other Wikipedia company pages.
Only the name of the company in the introduction should be bold on a Wikipedia page. Here: GiveWell
Only the name of the company in the introduction should be bold on a Wikipedia page. Here: GiveWell

Follow the specific Wikipedia writing and formatting style: wikification.

Choose Images Wisely

A page enhanced with one or more relevant images is more appealing and will likely increase its credibility.

Here are the types of images that work well for a company page:

  • Company logo
  • Photo of a significant physical event (conference, trade show, etc.)
  • Photo of the founder (if their notability is sufficient; for example, if they have a personal Wikipedia page)
  • Photo of the headquarters or a major production site
  • Photo of a famous product.

ℹ️ Images appearing on your company page should first be uploaded to Wikimedia. Enter keywords related to your company in the Wikimedia search engine to identify them.

You should include some internal links from your Wikipedia company page to other Wikipedia pages when a word is relevant.

For example, if you are a company in the agri-food sector offering only non-animal origin products, you may likely link to Wikipedia pages such as:

  • “Food industry,”
  • “Meat substitute,”
  • “Vegetarian.”

because you will probably mention these three concepts in the article.

⚠️ You are not required to include an internal link for every occurrence of the word in the article, as it may make the page too cumbersome.

Declare Your Conflict of Interest

You must be transparent and describe your connection to the company if you are adding the page yourself.

You can do this in one of the following three places:

  1. on your user page,
  2. on the discussion page of the articles where you are involved,
  3. in the summary of the relevant modifications.

Here are some examples of the statements you should include:

  • I contribute to Wikipedia as an employee of the company XXX;
  • I work for XXX;
  • My client is XXX, and I manage their communication.

What could happen if you don’t? You may receive a banner like this on your page for life:

undisclosed paid contribution on wikipedia

The band you might receive if you do not declare your affiliation with the company. A band that you will be unable to remove.

You must explicitly mention the name of the company with which you have an affiliation.

How to publish your company page on Wikipedia?

In theory, you can certainly create a new page on Wikipedia even if you’ve never contributed to the encyclopedia before.

Unless you want to publish on Wikipedia in English, in which case, you need to have made at least 500 prior contributions to the encyclopedia by editing existing pages (that’s a lot)!

In any case, you will need to spend some time understanding the substance and structure of a Wikipedia article to avoid having your article deleted.

If this is your first publication on Wikipedia, it is more likely to be subject to scrutiny by both bots and humans compared to someone who has been contributing to the encyclopedia for a long time.

Moreover, if you only publish about your company or yourself, it may raise suspicions about your motivation to contribute to the encyclopedia: is it truly to enhance collective knowledge or solely to serve your own interests?

The latter option is not inherently wrong or punishable, as long as:

  1. The created page adheres to the expected standards.
  2. Most importantly, your company’s notability is sufficient to warrant inclusion on Wikipedia.

That’s why some individuals prefer to enlist the services of providers, freelancers (like me), or agencies to create their Wikipedia company page. However, it still requires that your company’s notability meets Wikipedia’s criteria.

Adding your company to Wikipedia without creating a new page?

Is the notability of your company currently insufficient to warrant the creation of a dedicated article?

This is a situation that often arises, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be mentioned on Wikipedia!

How? Here are several options that may apply to your company:

  1. Look for a generic page related to your industry. For example, if you are a wine trader, explore articles in the “Wine trading” or “Wine industry” categories. Determine if it’s appropriate to either:
    • Add an external link to your company’s website in the “External links” section.
    • Insert one or more sentences mentioning your company within the content of the page.
  2. Check if your company is already mentioned in an existing Wikipedia article. To do this:
    • go to Wikipedia and type your company’s name in the search bar at the top.
    • You may see your company’s name highlighted in bold in the excerpts of certain pages, if applicable.
    • Simply go to the relevant article and add relevant and sourced information about your company or create an external link to your website.

Of course, only do this if you provide:

  • Genuine added value to the reader of the page who is not specifically seeking information about your company.
  • Adherence to Wikipedia’s usual rules (1 statement = 1 source, wikified text, etc.).

It is possible to link from Wikipedia to your company’s website or mention your company on a page without necessarily creating a specific Wikipedia page for your company.

Keep in mind that while it is not formally prohibited, Wikipedia does not encourage the creation of pages about oneself or one’s own company (it is even discouraged), nor does it endorse the use of professional service providers for a fee.

While I fully understand these noble intentions, I see a significant gap between them and actual practices. This applies to all sectors: business, academic, political, governmental, historical, and more.

Being honest and transparent about your financial or ideological interests is the alternative I prefer.

What are the service providers for creating a Wikipedia company page?

Do you lack the internal resources to create your company’s Wikipedia page?

Or are you looking to maximize the chances of creating a high-quality, compliant, and impactful page?

You can hire a service provider specializing in Wikipedia page creation or editing.

Here are the different types of service providers that I am aware of:

  1. Freelancers who are Wikipedia specialists and have also been voluntary contributors to the Wikipedia project for a long time (like myself).
  2. Communication agencies (they often or sometimes subcontract to freelancers like me).

Deleted or rejected Wikipedia page: What are the alternatives?

When I conduct audits for companies looking to appear on Wikipedia, in 60% of cases, their notability is insufficient to hope to be featured on the encyclopedia.

I then suggest PR-related advice to improve their chances of appearing on Wikipedia in the future.

Depending on their objectives, I also propose immediate inclusion on Wikipedia-like sites.

Here are the questions to ask before deciding to use these sites: What are your top priorities, and what initially motivated you to want to be on Wikipedia?

  • To obtain backlinks to improve your website’s SEO?
  • To enhance the visibility of your brand/service?
  • To boost the credibility of your brand/service?
  • To have a presentation of your company appear on a site other than your own when someone searches your company name on Google?
  • To control the information present on your Wikipedia page?
  • Personal satisfaction and accomplishment?

Depending on the importance assigned to these objectives, appearing on a Wikipedia-like site may or may not be relevant.

Here are the sites that can host company pages that have been rejected or deleted from Wikipedia, with less stringent criteria:

  • Wikitia
  • EverybodyWiki
  • WikiMondePlus
  • Wikilibéral, and other specific wikis.

And my somewhat more detailed opinion:

WikitiaNeverThe site is not collaborative; you have no control over what is said about you (even less than Wikipedia). You must pay for page creation (several thousand dollars) and for each potential update, with no guarantee that your changes will be accepted.58
EverybodyWikiSometimesAnyone can create a page on anything, without eligibility criteria.51
WikiMondePlusNot recommended because eligibility criteria are as stringent as Wikipedia.Articles on WikiMondePlus are automatically indexed in WikiMonde, along with other Wikipedia articles (but not on Wikipedia itself). However, please note that WikiMonde has tightened its eligibility criteria and aligned them with Wikipedia standards!49
WikiLibéral and other specific wikisSometimesThere are many other sites operating on a collaborative principle similar to Wikipedia but on more specific topics. Often created and developed by associations. WikiLibéral is one example among many: you will need to find the most relevant one in your case. For instance, WikiLibéral was created to address common misconceptions about liberalism.Variable
IQ.Wiki (formerly on actors and actresses in the crypto / WEB3 / blockchain world.49
Where to create a page for your company when you’ve been rejected by Wikipedia?

You must carefully weigh the pros and cons in your specific case of whether to appear on one of these sites and choose the most relevant option. This is part of my service when conducting Wikipedia audits.

Excerpt from an email from someone whose company's notability is insufficient for Wikipedia inclusion:
Email from a client for whom I conducted an audit, but whose company’s notability is insufficient for Wikipedia.

They are considering the idea of creating a Wikitia page.

In their case, after auditing their digital presence and objectives, the recommendation is no for Wikitia but yes for EverybodyWiki.

wikipedia page for company guide

Summary: 4 Mistakes When Creating a Company Page on Wikipedia

You’ve reached the end of this article designed to assist you in creating your Wikipedia page.

Below, I summarize the most common mistakes I’ve observed when a company attempts to create its Wikipedia page internally.

Overestimating Notability

This is by far the most common misjudgment.

It’s, I believe, difficult to be perfectly objective when assessing the notability of your own company, especially if you are unfamiliar with how Wikipedia operates and its specific notability criteria!

👉 Remember this: If your company is not the central subject of at least two articles published in the press or on TV/radio broadcasts, with a minimum of a two-year gap between them, your company has very little chance of having its own Wikipedia page published and sustained.

But there are alternatives to featuring your company on Wikipedia even without creating a dedicated page.

Failing to Comply with the Rule: 1 Statement = 1 Source

Sometimes, you come across articles consisting of large blocks of text without any sources.

Such articles are very likely to either be deleted or adorned with a top-of-page banner stating, “This article does not cite its sources sufficiently.”

To avoid this, every assertion (often, every sentence) must be supported by a quality source, cited at the end of the article.

A Wikipedia page should be linked to other similar Wikipedia pages so that readers can explore the subject more thoroughly or find additional information on potentially complex concepts.

When you mention a concept, a person, or a company that:

  • Already has a specific Wikipedia page.
  • Is directly related to your company’s subject,

You must create a link from the word in your article to this other Wikipedia page.

If the word appears multiple times on the page, there’s no need to create a link every time, as it may become cumbersome.

Maintain a Neutral Tone

We often tend to use superlatives when writing informative text, especially when the subject matter is close to our hearts.

When writing about our own company, we may unconsciously present things in a less objective manner than an impartial observer would.

However, the goal of a Wikipedia page is to describe things as closely as possible to how they are, without value judgments, and without favoring one viewpoint over another. This can be frustrating at times!

If you’re writing your own page, it’s ideal to have it reviewed by someone with fewer emotional or economic ties to your company.

Ask them to remove any overly subjective expressions and ensure the content is sufficiently factual.

If you don’t take enough precautions in this regard, you may end up with banners like these at the top of your page:

wikipedia ads
The banners you may risk having at the top of your page if you’re not careful enough about the tone of your page.

Remember these common pitfalls to enhance the chances of your company’s Wikipedia page being accepted and maintained successfully.

Conclusion: Creating Your Wikipedia Company Page

This is everything I wanted to share with those of you who want to create a Wikipedia page for your company.

I hope this article has provided you with practical and actionable advice for your business.

Do you have any comments or questions? Your comments are welcome 🙂 !

If you’d like to benefit from my personalized experience on Wikipedia, you can certainly get in touch with me. I can:

  1. Assess your eligibility to appear on Wikipedia through a detailed audit (price = $550). In case of ineligibility, you will have a clear idea of the steps and actions needed to be able to feature on Wikipedia.
  2. Create and publish your Wikipedia company page from scratch, following a notability audit to confirm your eligibility.
  3. Edit an existing page, always in accordance with the collaboratively defined rules on Wikipedia.

Some companies I’ve worked with on Wikipedia include NAOS, TK Elevator, Mersen.

FAQ: How to Create a Wikipedia Page for My Company

Can I hope to see my page published even if I don’t have 2 quality sources spaced at least 2 years apart?

As always with Wikipedia, this is not an absolute criterion (some may meet it and still have little presence on Wiki; others may not meet it but still have a place), but not meeting it does decrease the likelihood that your page will “pass.”

Only an audit would provide a more specific assessment.

I do have 2 quality sources focused on my company, but my page was still deleted.

Having 2 sources centered on your company is the absolute minimum criterion. If you only have 2 or 3 sources, and your company has been in existence for less than 10 years, these criteria are considered “borderline” and may be seen as insufficient by some.

If you meet other criteria (your company is listed in a notable, limited, and independent ranking of companies; or your company’s stock is used in the calculation of a notable stock index), it works a bit more in your favor.

You will need to pay particular attention to the content and format of the page to have a chance of being published.

However, even with these precautions, there is no 100% guarantee that the page will remain online.

Can a company remove certain passages from its Wikipedia page?

In theory, it’s possible. It depends, of course, on the type of information you want to remove: its wording, the supporting sources. While it may not always be possible to delete, it might be possible to rephrase it for more neutrality.

If it involves criticisms, you can add the company’s response, provided that this response has received media coverage.

My Wikipedia page was rejected or deleted: what should I do?

A precise audit of the situation will provide more information about the specific reasons and circumstances for this rejection and any possible alternatives.

A deleted page must go through a particular procedure: a request for page restoration, which has very little chance of success.

Is it legal to create a Wikipedia page for your own company? Is it frowned upon?

From both a legal perspective in countries law and the collaboratively defined rules on Wikipedia, it is legal (but discouraged). These rules, however, require transparency and a codified approach.

Creating your own company page (whether you’re the CEO or an employee) is generally frowned upon by some members of the community. Others, including myself, believe that this situation is often unavoidable, even outside the business realm, especially in cultural, academic, political, or associative spheres.

The idea is not to demonize these practices but to find mutual benefit while navigating them.

Is it legal to hire a paid agency or service provider to create a Wikipedia page for your company? Is it frowned upon?

Same response as before: it’s legal, allowed by the Wikipedia community (but strongly discouraged), as long as it is disclosed.

It’s viewed as unfavorably by some as doing it yourself. For others, once again, this situation is somewhat inevitable.

The latter group prefers to try to work with it in the interest of all stakeholders (the company, Wikipedia volunteers, Wikipedia’s audience).


WikipediaHelp: How you can creat a new article here

Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclosure

photo de nelly darbois, kinésithérapeute et rédactrice web santé

Written by Nelly Darbois

As a volunteer contributor and professional on Wikipedia since 2012, I now share best practices for using this collaborative encyclopedia, regardless of the intended purpose.

I provide guidance to companies, institutions, associations, and individuals who wish to utilize Wikipedia and seek an external opinion or editor. I am convinced that gaining a better understanding of how Wikipedia operates will be beneficial for everyone.

I live in the French Alps 🌞❄️ where I work as Wikipedia consultant & scientific editor for my own website, where you are.

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